1. Lost & Found

    Flip Flop- Meridian, Mississippi

    photo: Courtney Taylor March 4, 2013

  2. Amy Lott- Musician
    My most precious material object is an 1904 Hamilton railroad watch left to me by my Papaw, Fred Harris. It was left to him by his grandfather, and the love he felt for this man was apparent anytime he spoke of the heirloom. There were very few circumstances in which he did not have the watch with him, either attached to a chain tucked in his pants pocket, or between his fingers as he rubbed it gently. His face would light up with pride as he spoke of his grandfather using it when he worked for a railroad company. He would explain that Hamilton Watch company was known for producing precise instruments, and these watches were used to by the workers to keep the railways safe and efficient. I remember feeling a sense of awe when he would carefully screw off the back for me and show me it’s inner workings. “They don’t make things like this anymore, baby-doll!” he would exclaim. That voice still rings through my head when my phone freezes up or when I toss something forever broken in the trash. It is an amazing little machine, no doubt. It still keeps good time. When I wind it now the gentle ticking reminds me of him, and all the wonderful ways he enchanted the beginning chapters of my life.
    • Amy Lott was photographed by Reggie Thomas in Meridian, Mississippi on March 1, 2013.  View Amy’s work here or get to know her on facebook
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